Monday, 19 June 2017 06:28

KENFILT, S.L. will be present at the EMO 2017

KENFILT, S.L.  Filtration Engineering

Company specialized since 1970 in the study, design and construction of filtration systems for treatment liquids used in the productive processes of the Metallurgy Industry.

KENFILT has always been improving the product line to adapt to the different filtration necessities.

All improvements have been to facilitate the usage and obtain better results in filtration quality.  We can, if the customer requests it, install large format touch screens where all elements of the installation are represented graphically, with control systems that are operated at a distance by means of Ethernet or GSM , which allows our technicians to solve any issues to our users immediately, without waiting for a technician.

KENFILT has also improved its product line, enlarging its scope of application that requires the use of systems without filter media.  All our team of engineers is working in research and development constantly which allows us to improve our products and built new ones.

Thanks to KENFILT filtration equipment, specially designed to solve the filtration issues that originate from the type of work being done, we can accomplish the following advantages:

  • Considerable increments in production
  • Improvements in the dimensional, geometry and superficial quality of the machined pieces
  • Maintaining the “repetitive” quality thus increasing production.  Decreasing tool consumption (cutters, drills, inserts, diamond, electrodes)
  • Increase the life of the water based coolants, emulsions and synthetic or semi synthetic solutions.
  • Increase the life of cutting oils and dialectics in an unlimited form.

KENFILT, S.L. will be present at the EMO 2017 with a stand located at:  Halle 6 Stand H39

There you will be able to see firsthand:

Hidrociclones separator 18 HC 10 DA 2 for the treatment of high density 
metal particles in emulsions and synthetic solutions.

Precoat Filter type FTD 20 AD TA for treatment of cutting oils

Our technicians from the Filtration Engineering Office will be on call at the stand to answer any questions you may have about the specific filtration issues that affect your production processes.

KENFILT, S.L. ٠ C/ Molí S/N ٠ 08107 Martorelles (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 933 954 002*/ Fax: +34 933 950 329