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Kenfilt with the taps industry

Like the largest manufacturers of cutting tools in the world, a leading European manufacturer of cutting tools has also placed its full confidence in the technique, quality and performance of KENFILT precoat filtration equipment for many years. , started with the acquisition of the first 5 individual semi-automatic FTD 6 AD DO equipment and that has continued with the acquisition of fully automatic FTD 20 AD TA pre-coat filtration plants supplied in 2016 and 2017.

KENFILT is currently building the third FTD 20 AD TA precoat filtration plant for this cutting tool manufacturer, to be installed in a new tap manufacturing plant.

These 3 KENFILT precoat filtration plants have been designed to filter the cutting oil used in a group of slitting and thread grinding machines from HSS

Each of the FTD 20 AD TA precoat filtration plants was designed to filter a flow rate of 1,000 l / min cutting oil with a viscosity of 18 cSt. at 40ºC with a filtration quality of 3-5 μm, using as a filter helps cellulose fibers.
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  mascle de roscar

In the manufacture of cutting tools and especially in the manufacture of taps, it must be avoided that the cutting pore profile wheel can be dull with the steel particles in suspension in the cutting oil that reach the point of contact between the grinds the tool. When this happens, the cutting pore of the wheel is plugged and the wheel loses its cutting capacity, due to which the friction of the profiled wheel increases when passing through the profiles of the thread that is being rectified, producing an overheating of the male to tap.

The physical effect that the accumulated heat tends to concentrate in the thinnest part of the cutting crests of the tap, results in an alteration of the temper of the ridges and cutting profiles, causing the formation of microcracks and the loss of hardness of the cutting crest and consequently a shorter duration of the tap.

Another advantage of working with totally clean oil thanks to KENFILT pre-coat filters, is that you can work with CBN wheels at high speeds of up to 120-160 m / sec, which requires using high pressure pumps up to 120 bar to get to cool the point of contact of the CBN wheel and the male that is being rectified.
This high pressure is necessary because the very high speed of rotation of the CBN wheels, an air layer and coolant oil is formed around the wheel, which prevents the coolant oil jet from coming into contact with the point working of the grinding wheel, if the refrigerant oil does not reach very high pressure.

To achieve this high pressure it is necessary to use gear or screw hydraulic pumps that break down quickly if the oil is not completely clean of suspended particles, which is guaranteed with the installation of KENFILT precoat filters with a nominal filtration quality equivalent to ISO 4406 Code 16-13-10 or NAS 7

The filtration and distribution pumps at low and medium pressure that incorporate the KENFILT precoat filtration plants are vertical pumps with the turbine submerged inside the liquid, thereby eliminating all possible oil leaks on the floor or trays as can occur with the pumps of horizontal axis.

It is for all these reasons that the Japanese firm OSG installed in 1990 in the largest tap factory in the world in the city of Yana, 8 KENFILT type 2 FTD 75 DA 67 pre-filter filtration plants with a total filtration rate of 36,000 l / min (600 l / second) that after 28 years continue working at full capacity.

The electrical cabinets of the KENFILT filtration panels are designed and built according to European Standard E-60204-1 and incorporate a 12 "SIEMENS touch screen that incorporates:

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  • Synoptic panel of the control unit with visualization of the status of each of its components (motors, valves, level detectors, pressure detectors, ...)
  • Push buttons start - stop
  • Control and regulation of timers
  • Temperature control and regulation
  • Control and regulation of pressures