Monday, 24 January 2022 10:40

Kenfilt & 4.0 Industry

Kenfilt delivers a central precoat system with Industry 4.0 applied
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A KENFILT engineer making final adjustments to the Central Filtration

KENFILT carries out the commissioning of a precoating plant FTD 15 AD TA in an Italian flat grinding company with a consumable control monitoring prepared for industry 4.0


 In October 2021, Kenfilt was in Reggio Emilia, Italy, commissioning an FTD 15 AD TA type precoat plant connected to 8 flat grinding machines with a distribution flow rate of 500 l/min expandable to 800 l/min.


This plant has a built-in monitoring and control system for consumables so that the customer can carry out an environmental study on the use of the plant. The control of consumables is controlled by a series of specific sensors that give the information to the PLC and show the data on the screen and record the data history in an SD memory card.

The filtration plant is connected to the company's management system through an OPC, carrying out real-time environmental and operational monitoring. This allows the client to optimize the use of the plant to the maximum by studying the historical data obtained.

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 ind40 3 The central has an informative screen of the consumption of the week. This data allows the responsible technician to obtain detailed information to determine if the filtration plant needs adjustments to minimize consumption. This information is basic to the maintenance department to reduce maintenance and use costs, allowing them to be in a position of control to possible future incidents.
The system also obtains data from sensors of the most important elements, which are represented on the touch screen, allowing the user to have real knowledge of the status of the plant at all times. The screen you can see from the number of dry sludge cakes made to the oil level in the tanks. This data allows the customer to configure the filtration unit for an optimal work cycle, obtaining the lowest consumption and the highest work performance. All this data is transmitted instantly through the OPC to the technical office for study and control.  ind40 4
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One of the important improvements compared to the previous filtration system, apart from the quality of the filtered oil, is the significant reduction of oil in the waste. Now, through automated sludge drying at the KENFILT plant, dry sludge with minimal oil residue is obtained, reducing environmental impact as well as recycling and transportation costs.

Once again, Kenfilt filtration equipment is designed and built to reduce environmental impact and prepared for the new connected industry 4.0. maintaining its highest quality.