Thursday, 28 January 2021 14:29

Correct filtration

The importance of proper filtration

The correct filtration of cutting oils or emulsions is a factor that provides great potential for improvement in machining processes. In the same way that great efforts are devoted to defining the type of cutting fluid, it is of great importance to be able to maintain its properties in optimal conditions for as long as possible. To this end, filtration helps improve the productivity and efficiency of each machining application while reducing costs and waste, all of which are the main objectives of any competitive company.


Suspended particles

The content of metallic particles in suspension in cutting oils causes the loss of their chemical characteristics of acidity and viscosity. With oil in poor condition, substantial performance problems are generated for tools and machines, increasing the number of parts rejected by quality controls and dramatically increasing the consumption of oil, grinding wheels and tools. One of the most visible effects is the drawing of grinding wheels, especially those made of diamond or CBN and their premature degradation.

Furthermore, the larger particles can act as abrasives on the surface of the parts, generating surface defects and affecting the mechanical elements in contact with the oil, increasing costs and maintenance tasks, specifically downtime. See the chart of suspended particles.


Filtration technology

An adequate filtration of these particles has been considered, for years, as the best option to guarantee the optimum quality of the oils or emulsions, however, the filter design process and the associated engineering must be properly adjusted to the characteristics of the process and material to be machined. Today, we still find manufacturers who consider it normal to change the oil or emulsion twice a year because they are unaware of the advantages of filtration. The selection of the filter is a delicate task and of great importance for the final result of the process, for this there are filters with technologies conceived to achieve an ideal filtration quality for each application.

With the different filtration systems that KENFILT can propose, considerable improvement results have been observed in the life of the tools of the most demanding processes, such as barrel drills, reamers, honing machines, etc. The consumption of wheels for grinding applications has also decreased significantly, as well as the impact and maintenance on auxiliary refrigeration equipment or high pressure pumps. Data confirms that direct operating costs can decrease by up to 30%.



In short, it should be noted that filtration has become one of the processes that is studied in more detail in the start-up of the newest machining projects and facilities due to the importance that the sector attaches to it. For this reason, international references implement KENFILT filters in their latest and most modern facilities worldwide.

With a thorough study of each application and precise engineering, KENFILT, S.L. develops filters capable of enhancing and consolidating the most demanding production processes, with a direct impact on the productivity and profits of the metallurgical activity while maintaining the protection of the environment.